Meet Lincoln

My name is Lincoln Elsey. I was the guy that decided we should make a blog, to share music not just with each other, but with the world. Although I’ve grown up in music and been a performer since a young age, I very much prefer listening to music, granted I’m not too amazing at anything in music. I’m in love with hip-hop music and dance music and love the combining of the genres that has been taking over in recent years (particularly in Europe). I cannot wait to show you what needs to be heard and what you cannot wait to show your friends. 🙂

Meet Euntaek

‘Sup! I’m Euntaek Ga, chief of everything other than music on this site. I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life as well, whether it would be playing piano, or recording the radio on cassette tape, or jamming out to Michael Jackson whilst doing a science project. Like Lincoln, I very much prefer listening to music, rather than making it. I’m a fan of most genres of music, but I love Korean pop. There is just something special about it that is unexplainable, and I hope to introduce you to this wonderful world of Asian music.

Meet Modest

Hello music enthusiasts, Modest here. I, like my business partners and many of you, have music flowing through my veins. That is why I decided to collaborate in this blog, Silent Attraction. With a background in all types of music: Alternative, Hip-Hop, Dance, it is my goal to provide to you an easy and attractive outlet to discover and enjoy new music. I look forward to this new adventure in music — and I hope y’all do, too. Comments, questions, feedback is always welcome and encouraged.



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