Nobody – Wonder Girls


Today, I’m switching it up. Due to the dearth of newly released kpop songs (or songs that I don’t want to review), I’m instituting a temporary “Way Back Saturday.”

Apparently, the 6th anniversary of the debut of the Wonder Girls is coming up. While I’m not particularly a fan of WG, the group does deserve some respect as one of the most visible girl groups in Korea.

WG is arguably the most promoted Korean group in the Western World. They are one of the few Korean groups to have a complete US tour. They have opened for the Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. They also released a song with Akon late last year. In addition to that, they starred in a TeenNick movie. Needless to say, WG has gotten a lot of facetime in the US.

The Wonder Girls broke out with the hit, “Nobody” in late 2008, and since then, that song has been one of the more recognized Kpop songs in world. The music video is comical, and frankly, “Nobody” is a very catchy song.



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