Our Picks for the Grammy Awards


With the upcoming Grammy Awards this Sunday, we at SA decided to pick the winners for 9 of the top categories. See if you agree.


Record of the Year

Euntaek: As much as I enjoyed Taylor Swift’s hit, “We Are Never Getting Back Together,” I believe “We Are Young” by Fun. will probably win this award.

Modest: I’ll be the first to admit, it wasn’t too ‘fun’ listening to “We Are Young” on the radio every ten minutes. With that much airplay, I don’t see how Fun. could lose this one.

Lincoln: Everyone seems to be so gung-ho on Fun winning this award, but I think the mega-hit “Somebody I Used to Know,” is being overlooked. Look to see it take this award.

Album of the Year

Euntaek: Out of all these nominees, I think Fun. has the most mainstream popularity, and thus will probably win this award as well.

Modest: I so badly want to pick Frank, but I doubt he’ll get it. “Some Nights” takes Album of the Year.

Lincoln: I hate to call Fun overrated, but mainstream popularity does not win this award. Remember when Arcade Fire won this award? I think Babel will win, but I would not be surprised to see El Camino win either.

Song of the Year

Euntaek: While the music in “We Are Young” is well done, with the transition between the chorus and the verse sections, “A-Team” wins simply because it is a quality, self-composed track. Both songs tower over the other possible nominees in this group.

Modest: Who doesn’t love Kelly Clarkson? For this reason I pick her for song of the year…also I would prefer Fun. not winning everything.

Lincoln: Contrary to popular belief, this is for the best song-writing of the year, not best song. I think that eliminates pure pop “Call Me Maybe” and “Stronger.” This is the one I think “We Are Young,” takes it for it’s ingenious harmonies.

Best New Artist

Euntaek: I firmly believe this award is Fun.’s to lose. Their mainstream popularity puts them above all other nominees, even Frank Ocean. Then again, weirder things have happened in Grammy history.

Modest: I believe Frank Ocean will win this one. He has all the talent, and has been getting plenty of publicity lately.

Lincoln: This is a really tough one, Frank Ocean definitely made his case with Channel Orange, and Fun has multiple smash hits. So I’m going to have fun with this one and say young country star Hunter Hayes takes the cake. I mean what teenage girl doesn’t love the song “Wanted.”

Best Dance Recording

Euntaek: This is arguably the most difficult group to chose. With the exception of Al Walser, all the other nominees have high-quality music. Out of these four, I’ll have to go with Swedish House Mafia.

Modest: Swedish House Mafia has to get this one. After finally breaking through to the American mainstream audience just before their breakup, they have been getting plenty of buzz.

Lincoln: Levels is a dance track that has literally redefined the genre. Swedish House Mafia is the best pop song of the bunch, but in the dance music world, “Levels” took the world by storm.

Best Rock Album

Euntaek: I know zilch about rock music, so I’m just going to say Coldplay wins this one.

Modest: I’ve never quite understood the obsession with The Black Keys. But people seem to like them, so that’s my pick.

Lincoln: I love Coldplay with all my heart, but critics did not think their latest album compared to their older ones; I’m going with El Camino.

Best Alternative Music Album

Euntaek: Again, I know little to nothing about the alternative music scene, and so I’ll give this award to Gotye.

Modest: Gotye came up with a great song in “Somebody That I Used to Know.” His work will be rewarded with this award.

Lincoln: Fiona Apple has the longest album title of the century (exaggeration), but look to see her win this award with her critically acclaimed album.

Best Rap Song

Euntaek: In a very good selection of rap songs, I have to go with “Paris.” This song was arguably at the top of every top-40 radio playlist at one point last year.

Modest: Guys, it’s going to be a little awkward announcing the name of the song on stage, but “N****s in Paris” wins.

Lincoln: 2 Chainz is famous because one song became massive. That song is “Mercy,” watch it take this award.

Best Pop Vocal Album

Euntaek: I still think this is Fun.’s year. And so they’ll probably win this award, despite the quality selection of nominees.

Modest: I haven’t, to this point, made a bold pick. Imma go with Florence for best Pop Vocal Album, I like her.

Lincoln: I think the quality for the quantity in the album Overexposed is the best of the nominated and I think Maroon 5 takes award over Fun.


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