The Black Canvas (LP) – Yonas


You all heard Yonas’ single “Temptation” here a few weeks ago in anticipation of his latest album “The Black Canvas.” Wait no more, because the day has arrived. As I listen to the album on repeat, I can’t help but wonder why Yonas isn’t getting much love on the charts and mainstream radio. But maybe it’s a blessing in disguise for this underground talent.

It is rare to find truth in the hip-hop world today. Even with 2 Chainz’s obnoxious catch phrase belting out at the beginning of his raps, he can’t handle the truth like Yonas. Unparalleled elements of truth, soul, hope, and faith are found in each and every verse and are present on “The Black Canvas.” And if that’s not enough, it is an understatement to say that Yonas has a killer flow.

The up-and-comer is truly a breath of fresh air. Check out “The Black Canvas” down below. And for that matter, check out all of his music.



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