I’m the One to Blame – Arden Cho


Arden Cho is a person you can only describe as an entertainer. She’s mainly known for appearing in Wong Fu Productions’ feature movie, Agents of Secret Stuff with Ryan Higa, but she has also participated in other major projects, such as Rocket Jump’s Video Game High School, and SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALS. Yet, most people are unaware that her passion is in music.

Cho has just released her first full-length album, “My True Happy” and the music video for the lead track, “I’m the One to Blame.” The video has already gotten love from several notable musicians, including BoA and Brian Joo. The song mixes hopeless romantic lyrics with music that sounds slightly country, essentially creating a beautiful but sad ballad. Cho’s vocals are also solid, and the accompany video’s mature concept works well with the song.

If there’s anything lacking, it’s that this track sounds a lot like a Taylor Swift song. It’s not a bad thing, but I wished there was something about this song that I could say, “Yes, this is Arden Cho’s style.” Still, there is great promise for Cho’s music career, and I hope we see even more original content from her in the future.

You can get her debut album here.


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