Re: Kpop Music Mondays: Mine – Jaejoong

Editor’s Note: “Re: Kpop Music Mondays” will be a weekly feature on this blog, where Euntaek will respond to EatYourKimchi’s weekly music review, Kpop Music Mondays. Enjoy!

It’s ironic that this week’s Kpop Music Monday focused on Jaejoong’s MV, “Mine” as I had just reviewed the album here, and stated the that MV was pretty weird. Well, after watching Simon and Martina’s review, and watching the video again, I still think it’s weird, but their review helped point out a few things I did miss.

There is a lot, A LOT, of symbolism in this video. Normally, I’m not the kind to go look for the symbolism, and especially in dark videos like Jaejoong’s, I care even less. But the things that they noticed, such as out of focus shots, or the epic Bane mask that Jaejoong wore, really helped connect the video to Jaejoong’s life. If you don’t know about the JYJ/TVXQ controversy, well…let’s just say you don’t want to. It’s still a very messy situation and hopefully it will be resolved in the near future. The symbolism is cool; still, the dark theme just does not resonate with me.

“Mine” is not my favorite song off the album. And I agree with Simon that this “goth rock” is not my style. But I also agree with Martina that the piano riff is amazing. I really love that part. Still, that doesn’t change my overall feel for this video; I still don’t like it.

That being said, there are some interesting bits. The rhino mask is just hilarious, and the crow scene is actually somewhat interesting. The crows actually look menacing. Still, I can’t get over the fact that Jaejoong just turns out to be a flying vampire. I mean, really?

To recap, the dark theme of the video and the symbols included in the storyline really demonstrate Jaejoong’s struggle in real life. The song isn’t my style, but there are some segments that are nice. You can make your own decision.


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