Everyone’s favorite Korean rock band, CNBLUE, is back with their new album, Re:BLUE. It’s been three years since the group has debuted in Korea, and they are still going as strong as ever. Personally, CNBLUE’s music has never truly been my style. I appreciate that the members in the group not only sing, but also play instruments, but their songs have never “clicked” with me. Maybe I didn’t give them enough listens, but this is the sad truth.

This new album had its high and lows. The lead track, I’m Sorry, has its point of greatness, yet in the end, it is just a generic CNBLUE song. I truly liked were 나 그대보다 (Myself More Than You), and 라라라 (La La La). 나 그대보다 showcases the group’s vocals, as well as reminding listeners that CNBLUE can also play instruments. 라라라 is a fun song to listen to that has a little bit of everything: guitar solos, calming piano melodies, fun lyrics, and even a rap. This is one of the innovative tracks on the album. Other songs, like Where Are You and Coffee Shop just didn’t work with me. In particular, Where Are You, which is entirely in English, has some weird lyrics (Oh, please touch my body and my face…).

Frankly, the album, for the most part, is just another CNBLUE album. Does it work? Yes, if you’re a fan of CNBLUE’s previous work. Yet, problems such as English pronunciation (Are You Cray?) and rather generic songs hurts the album, but not to a point where you wouldn’t enjoy the music. This is an album to be listened to, but not to be loved.

I’m Sorry
Coffee Shop
나 그대보다 (Myself More Than You)
나란 남자; (The Guy Like Me)
라라라 (La La La)
Where You Are


Here’s the music video to I’m Sorry. I believe it was filmed in London.


One response to “Re:BLUE (EP) – CNBLUE

  1. Myself More Than You is definitely one of my favorite songs on the EP. I’m Sorry is the only other song that really stands out to me, besides the “Are You Cray” part; the chorus is awesome and catchy.
    The EP they released earlier, “Robot”, is great and I definitely recommend giving that a listen.

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