I (EP) – Kim Jaejoong

JJ and a cat

Kim Jaejoong, the lead vocalist for mega-popular Korean groups TVXQ and JYJ, has finally released his first solo EP, I.

In what is marketed as a “rock” album, I surprises with only one true rock song in the five-track EP. Yet, this is by no means a bad thing; in fact, I think it makes the album what it should be: a showcase of Kim’s voice without the background clutter.

My favorite two songs, One Kiss and All Alone, start off with Kim singing with a simple background melody. The songs then slowly add more instruments such as strings, drums, guitars, causing an emotional crescendo that perfectly accompanies Kim’s voice. Then, slowly the instruments fade away, back to the original sequence, providing musical catharsis.

Could this be improved? Definitely. Kim’s sparse English leaves much to be desired, some of the tracks sound exactly like JYJ songs (which I guess is to be expected), and there could have definitely been more song. But I am happy with the album. Instead of going the more customary pop route with this EP, Kim decided to stick with the ballad style that started off his career, and as a result, provide even more anticipation for his future musical endeavors.

One Kiss
내안 가득히 [There`s Only You]
나만의 위로 [Healing for Myself/My Only Comfort]
All Alone


Here’s the music video to Mine. I personally don’t like it whatsoever. View at your own risk.


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